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Supporting unbridled business growth of clients, it is our steely commitment
~Delivering the simplest solution~

It is our great honor to be recognized as a leading system integrator and solution provider in Japanese manufacturing industry today. What led us to such achievement is our capability of developing and delivering the best suitable solution to accelerate clients’ performance; so that they are able to focus on their primary business and business growth.

Growing out of the Information System Division of Nippon Steel, NSSOL had developed and implemented Computer Integrated Manufacturing System in 1960s for the first time in Japan which sustainably runs and produces steel products for 24 hours a day, 365 days.
Steelmaking is known as the most complicated and delicate manufacturing process; more than 50,000 kinds of steel is made out of iron ore depending on different chemical additives, precise temperature control and wide variety of rolling process. Our capability and expertise were forged through such environment.

With principle of manufacturing and operation knowledge imprinted, we had been providing optimized, leading-edge yet the simplest system solution to diverse clients to support raising their business value.

Not only in manufacturing industry, but also for the past quarter of century, our innovative IT system solution is employed by retail service, finance, telecommunication, public and academic service and many other sectors.

The goal is not to meet with client’s expectation but to go beyond. Supporting unbridled business growth of clients is our steely commitment, and to become a reliable partner, that is our goal.

Link to the future, link from Asia
~Taking the lead to make changes~

Being in ever-changing business environment, it is imperative to continue improving ourselves to deliver the most innovative solution to our clients at all time. Pioneering advanced technology may not be adopted instantly sometimes; however, true risk lies in remaining at the present position.

NSSOL is the first company in Japan proactively implemented Oracle database system in 1991 foreseeing the potential of the technology. Whereas Oracle was rather advanced concept at that time and some were reluctant to employ the technology, NSSOL believed that the era of modern industrial production of software was about to come. Today, out of Fortune 100 companies each one of them is utilizing Oracle database. Eyes looking ahead and foot on the ground, we strive to provide solution which secures client’s advantage in their business environment.

We consider researching technology trends for next decades and transform them into practical applications as our duty. To name few, cloud-computing and AR-Augmented Reality had been research objectives for about 10 years. Utilizing such technology, we found not only productivity will be accelerated, but also it could assist people in needs. Co-developed award winning AR glasses with our advanced application would provide evacuation assistance for deaf and hard-of-hearing people in case of emergency, for instance.

With unflagging commitment to evolve ourselves, we are determined to link present to better future, and take the lead in Asia to make positive changes in the society.

Be the bridge of the world
~Human capital, the best asset of ours~

What is behind extraordinary IT system is extraordinary human resources. NSSOL has established subsidiaries in the U.S. in 1997, Shanghai, China, in 2002, and Singapore in 2011. We have been providing advanced IT solutions to respective market flawlessly, and in order to continue to do so, we must evolve ourselves in time.

We have founded an institute within NSSOL – The Systems Research & Development Center to pursue leading-edge research concerning from IT infrastructure to application services to generate actual business from it. What were the objectives of research some years ago are often new solutions to clients today.

Overseas staffs too, have opportunity to research and develop the most advanced technology in the world at the center. Every year, several staffs are transferred to deepen knowledge and sharpen skills; we are certain that they will become the bridge to the world and make the great contribution to business clients as well as society.

Many times, our evolving innovative technology is focused as asset; however, behind the scene, there are layers of evolving innovative human being – Human capital, which we consider as the best asset of ours.

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